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Why You Should Join an Adult Sports Team in Aventura

Last Updated: July 27th, 2020 at 09:10 pm
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Back in the day, the thought of over-starched uniforms and an overzealous soccer mom with a whistle could send chills up your spine. Organized sports teams were either a huge hit or a major miss as a kid. That's a far cry from adult sports leagues.

A revamped take on the teams of our childhood, adult sports leagues provide a physical outlet and a steady social circle that can accommodate your busy schedule. If you're looking for a fun way to get in shape and make friends in your area, you don't need to stray far from home. Check out these adult sports leagues in or around Aventura.

Adult Softball in Aventura

Whether you're perfecting your pitching skills or sliding into home base, getting involved with your local softball team is a full-body workout that's fun to do. Softball strengthens the legs and core while developing muscles in the chest and upper muscles. A total body conditioning workout, adult softball leagues allow you to burn calories and excess fat while blowing off steam with friends.

Adult Softball Leagues Near Me: 

The season just wrapped on Aventura's very own softball league, but now is the time to get in on the practice action. Winter adult softball in Aventura runs from the beginning of January through mid-April each year. When teams aren't playing, they're practicing on the field at Founder's Park. Register today through the City of Aventura online system, or visit Founder's Park in person to learn more and sign up.

Adult Basketball in Aventura

Countless kids grew up on the courts in Aventura. Shooting ball after school with friends at the rec center or down at the park was a daily activity. As adults, a game of 1-on-1 is more than just a great way to pass the time, it's also a fantastic workout. Constant running across the court builds endurance and improves cardiovascular health. Basketball develops better coordination and motor skills, burns calories, and even helps improve bone strength.

Adult Basketball Leagues Near Me:

Ladies, head south to the Allen Youth Center for Wednesday Women's Basketball. The league currently has five teams and is gearing up for their spring season. For the guys, Aventura's Community Recreation Center is home to indoor basketball courts which host events weekly. Working with the Rec Center, any Aventura resident can request an allotted time to practice their shots with friends or team members.

Adult Soccer in Aventura

Down for a game of soccer? Not only will the game get your adrenaline running, but racing across the field will help you lose the extra pounds you may have gained since your college glory days. Plus, the sport will strengthen muscles in the legs and core, and boost the respiratory system.

Adult Soccer Leagues Near Me: 

There are soccer fields across Aventura, including Founders Park and Waterways Park, where you can reserve time with your friends to create an on-going do-it-yourself league. But for the best adult soccer leagues in South Florida, drive a bit west to Ives Estates Park. Housing a synthetic turd field lighted and lined for soccer, you can find adult soccer players training daily. On Saturday mornings between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., you can join any existing games. Plus, the park is home to adult football teams and kickball – so, once you move on from soccer, there's always more to try.

Adult Tennis in Aventura

Florida is home to plenty of tennis stars. Some may be located right in your neighborhood! Okay, maybe not "stars," but the city of Aventura does house adult tennis clinics full of tennis fanatics improving their game. Not only can tennis increase aerobic capacities, but it can also lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Just be careful, all the swinging can cause overuse injuries in the elbows and shoulders – try heading to a sports chiropractor in Aventura before heading back to the court to ensure that you're in prime swinging shape.

Adult Tennis Leagues Near Me:

Much like with softball, the City of Aventura hosts its own version of a tennis league. The city holds routine social round-robin tennis matches and cardio tennis workouts. Learn more about adult tennis on Aventura's sports page.

If you've been losing your motivation to get to the gym or find yourself losing touch with friends due to your busy schedule, maybe it's time to give adult sports teams a try. Not only will they fit in an excellent workout that allows you to blow off some steam, but you'll forge lasting friendships with your teammates. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

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