Are You in Pain After a Day of Boating?

Safety & Recreation / August 1, 2017
man boating along the intra-coastal

Everyone enjoys time out on the open water. Whether you take a fishing trip for a few hours in the early morning, or you are on the water all day for a tournament, spending time on your boat is a fun and relaxing way to unwind with friends and family.

However, chances are you most likely spent an extensive amount of time in the car driving to the boat and back home. After hours in the car, followed by hours on the boat, and then back in the car again, it is common to feel pain throughout the neck and back. While you may have spent years shrugging this off and dealing with the pain that comes with a day of fun, this no longer needs to be the case. Follow these simple steps in order to minimize back pain after boating out on the water.

Focus on Footwear

Comfortable and boat-appropriate footwear is important when you spend a lengthy amount of time at sea. However, while you may be putting all your focus towards shoes that are providing you with the maximum amount of comfort, they may be providing minimum support for your back.

The way feet connect and hit the ground, or in this case the deck, is vital to back health. If you know you are going to be on the boat for hours at a time, it is wise to invest in shoes that include insoles with an “air transfer system,” or air pockets. This will help to distribute weight evenly and will aid in both comfort and support while avoid pain after boating.

It is also recommended to wear low-top tennis shoes with a good grip at the bottom, as these will not have you sliding around the deck when water splashes on board, but will be comfortable and good for you as well.

Back Support Belts

These may look bulky and uncomfortable, but in actuality, back support belts come in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors. What exactly are back support belts? Designed to support and improve posture while managing lower back pain, these belts can be worn under a t-shirt and are made from breathable fabrics with athletes and active people in mind.

Perfect for reducing discomfort and supporting your back, the range of back support belts offered can treat current problems such as sciatica, a slipped disc, or spinal stenosis, while preventing further back pain and issues.

With the constant and uncomfortable movements made on a boat, from pitching and casting for hours, to bending over to tie and un-tie ropes, your back is constantly being strained and tensed. It is important to take any and all measures to make sure you are treating your back with care and preventing future problems with pain after boating.

Exercise Throughout the Week

The last thing a back ever wants is drastic change in activity levels. When you go from sitting at a desk for nine hours straight five days in a row to standing up and arching your back for eight hours on the weekend, you are doing just that.

To avoid this added strain on your back, incorporate small exercises into your routine throughout the work week. If you have a lunch break, try walking around the office building before you eat. When you arrive home after a day in the office, try working in three or four stretches before dinner. These small steps will help to alleviate the tension your back experiences when you go from your desk job to working around a boat all day.

Chiropractic care can help with boating accident injuries. If you are experiencing back pain, don’t wait for it to resolve itself. Call the professionals at ChiroCare of Florida today at 877-392-4402 to find out how chiropractic therapy can help relieve your pain and help you through the healing process.

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