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Staying Beach Body Ready at Our Aventura Wellness Center

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All across South Florida, business suits are being traded for bathing suits. Short-shorts, tank tops, and summer dresses have become the new dress code. As the summer weather heats up, residents are shedding their clothes to reveal their beach bodies.

Well, at least some residents are. If you're in the vast majority of people who are still unsure about their summer body, the team at ChiroCare Care of Aventura has you covered. With aesthetic services, wellness treatments, and more, our Aventura wellness center is here to keep you confident on the beach.

Keeping Skin Flawless with Spray Tanning

You might be wondering why you would need a spray tan if the summer sun is more than enough to keep your skin bronzed. The answer is simple: spray tanning gives your skin a healthy and sun-kissed complexion without the harmful UV rays. Summer sun in South Florida is incredibly powerful, and can burn the skin in less than an hour during the afternoon. 

In comparison, spray tanning services at our Aventura wellness center provide glowing skin in just one session, without the damaging side effects. Plus, our non-streaky and neutral colored tanning solution hides slight imperfections such as scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. Look, and most importantly, feel your most confident safely and healthily at ChiroCare of Aventura.

Maintaining a Balanced Diet with Nutritional Support 

What you get out of your body is the direct result of what you put in. Poor eating habits can impact your overall weight, your skin complexion, and even your stamina to keep up with summer activities. Nutritional support can be the difference in feeling healthy and happy in your own skin this summer, or hiding your beach body until next year.

At our Aventura wellness center, our physicians factor in your lifestyle, existing health conditions, and wellness goals to provide nutritional support and guidance. Professional recommendations include a diet suitable to your unique needs, as well as suggested physical activities and exercises. If you've been hitting a plateau in your weight loss, or have wanted to make a healthier lifestyle change this summer, let us help.

Chiropractic Recommended Beach Body Stretches 

Regardless of age, weight, or gender, the key to achieving your perfect beach body is by strengthening your core. For most of us, sitting a majority of our days at work or lounging on the couch at night can cause us to lose muscle tone in our abdominals and obliques. While washboard abs might not be everyone's ideal beach body, anyone looking to trim down or tighten up should pay closer attention to strengthening the core. 

An effective and safe way of building up core muscles? Stretching. Stretching is an essential component of exercise. Not only does stretching prepare the body's soft tissue for physical activity, but simple stretches such as torso twists and contractions also make your abdominal muscles stronger and more stable. Check out these chiropractic recommended beach body stretches to get started today. 

Building Confidence with Therapeutic Exercise 

As we get older, exercises like crunches, squats, planks, and other tightening moves can become harder and more painful to complete. Even younger adults can benefit from an exercise regimen that places less strain on the joints. At our Aventura wellness center, our physicians develop individualized routines that help to improve bodily strength, movement, and flexibility, while not adding excess stress to the body.

Our therapeutic exercise routines won't exacerbate existing injuries or inflammation. Instead, our doctors will work with you to find a workout plan that helps you slim down, tone up, and gain the confidence you need to be beach body ready. 

Burn Calories While You Cool Down 

Who doesn't love cryotherapy in the summer? For one, the freezing temperatures of the cryogenic chambers at our Aventura wellness center help beat the blazing heat. But cryotherapy also offers a plethora of benefits, including reducing joint pain and muscle weakness, aiding in post-workout soreness, and boosting the immune system.

Its benefits are aesthetic as well: cryotherapy lessens the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, and improves skin's collagen production to promote a firm, glowing complexion. Plus, did we mention that cryotherapy can burn 500 to 800 calories for an average two to three minute session? For an full-body dose of self-care, our cryotherapy services are the way to go.

The sun is shining and the waves are calling. With the help of the physicians at our wellness center, you can be beach body ready in no time. Contact ChiroCare of Aventura today to schedule your appointment. 

Staying Beach Body Ready at Our Aventura Wellness Center
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