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Dr. George Campbell

Dr. George Campbell

From the snowy mountains of New England, Dr. Campbell comes with a plethora of health experience. He has been in the health and wellness field since 2005. He attended D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York for Chiropractic where he performed his internship in a hospital setting at University of Buffalo neurosurgery department. He comes from a diverse work background in private practice in New Hampshire, where he has worked in conjunction with a physical therapist of the Boston Bruins and New England Patriots. As an aspiring chiropractic and health professional, he has learned over time that health is more about function than feeling, and function is a critical part of a long-term health. Before becoming a chiropractor, he was a Certified Personal Trainer owning and operating a fitness center in Boston, Massachusetts and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has helped and trained people all over the world, ranging from stay-at-home mothers to professional athletes, including Boston Marathon competitors.

When he can, he enjoys spending time with his son, traveling, mountain biking, competing in endurance events, and learning new sports. He also likes traveling, cooking, and experiencing new foods and restaurants.

What made you decide to pursue a career in chiropractic?

Dr. Campbell was a certified personal trainer and an owner/operator of fitness centers in Boston and Pittsburgh. “One unfortunate day, I was involved in an auto accident that truly changed my life forever,” he says. “I went from running triathlons to not being able to walk down a flight of stairs. I experienced many different forms of care in my recovery, but what truly made a difference was chiropractic.”

Favorite Quote

Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, and I know the sour. You can do whatever you want with your life, but one day you’ll know what love truly is. It’s the sour and the sweet. And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet.- The Movie “Vanilla Sky”

Education and Background

  • Suffolk University- B.S. Psychology
  • D’Youville College- Doctor of Chiropractic

Treatment Techniques Used

There are many techniques and tools in my tool belt to help patients, which range from diversified technique to activator technique.

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