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Dr. Steven Schwartz

During his teen years, Dr. Schwartz began experiencing severe migraines. After visiting medical doctors and specialists, nothing was providing relief from the migraines. His decision to visit a chiropractor not only brought relief from the pain but also paved the way to his future career.

After some chiropractor visits, Dr. Schwartz also noted positive changes in his sports performance and overall health.

Dr. Schwartz’s positive experience with chiropractic medicine, as well as his interest in health and human science, led him to pursue his own career as a chiropractor.

Dr. Schwartz’s Education & Background

After graduating from Florida State University, Dr. Schwartz attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. He graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2012.

Serving the Ft. Lauderdale Community

Upon graduating, Dr. Schwartz returned to South Florida to use the knowledge and techniques he attained in school.

Dr. Schwartz lives in Ft. Lauderdale and enjoys spending time playing with his dog, Yogi. He is also active in the community and relishes spending time outdoors in our beautiful area.

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