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COVID-19 Update from ChiroCare of Florida

Our dedicated doctors are here to treat you during this difficult time. All ChiroCare of Florida locations will remain open until further notice. We understand the importance of continuing treatment for injuries, chronic conditions, and pain and wish to reassure you that we are still here to provide the highest caliber of care to our patients.

ChiroCare of Florida Is Taking Extra Precaution

The ChiroCare team is well-equipped and taking all necessary precautions as outlined by the CDC to ensure the safety and health of both patients and staff. As a medical facility we adhere to the highest standard of cleanliness, and all treatment beds and equipment are thoroughly sterilized between each patient visit. Our common areas are disinfected and sanitized periodically throughout the day.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of social distancing and are limiting the number of patients in our offices at any given time. We are also providing patients with bottles of personal hand sanitizer at office visits until inventory runs out.

As South Floridians, we are in this together. Our goal is to treat all patients in need of chiropractic care while easing the stress on hospitals and urgent care facilities at this time.

For Those Injured in Car Accidents

The 14-day accident rule regarding medical evaluation and care following a car accident still applies in order to receive PIP benefits. We understand that not all patients can make it into the office at this time and are therefore offering consultations via TeleMedicine, FaceTime and Skype.

Insurance Information

We accept most major medical insurance policies. If you are currently without insurance, we are offering FREE consultations both in-office and via video call. If you are in need of treatment please call (305) 833-8570 and mention “World Red Eye”. We will ensure that you are able to get scheduled at our closest location or via TeleMedicine, FaceTime, or Skype.

We wish each of our patients and your families well during this challenging time.

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