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The city of Coral Springs is home to a 127,673 population with a median age of 36.4. Young, healthy, and eager to enjoy life to its fullest, the residents of Coral Springs are continually looking for new fitness and recreation activities they can do within their city. Luckily for them, Coral Springs is home to over 60 fitness and recreational facilities open to the public all year round.

At ChiroCare of Florida, our chiropractors are always encouraging our patients to explore the outdoors, and to trade their sedentary desk life for an active lifestyle. If any of these recommendations sound familiar and you live in the Coral Springs area, keep reading to discover some fitness and recreation facilities you have to visit soon.

1. Coral Springs Aquatic Complex

Starting with the massive Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, this recreational and fitness facility has everything you need to stay active. It offers five different pools, including a 50-meter competition pool, a teaching pool, and a full-service swim shop. Within the Aquatic Complex, you will also find the Coral Springs Fitness Center. A full-service 7,500 sq. ft. Fitness center with free motion functional training equipment, free weights room, cardiovascular equipment and more, the Fitness Center also has certified personal trainers on-site and on-demand yoga classes for children and adults.

Learn more about the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex and start planning your next visit.

2. Sandy Ridge Sanctuary

The first Saturday of each month, starting at 9:00 a.m., nature enthusiasts gather by this park located at 8501 NW 40th Street to follow a tour through the Sandy Ridge Sanctuary. Prepare for some bird gazing, many butterflies, and dragonflies. And if you are lucky, you might be able to spot a gray fox or a Gopher tortoise during your walk.

If you are ready to start exploring the nature reserves in your city, plan your walking tour today.

3. Coral Springs Skate Park

For the teenagers and the forever young, this skate park is perfect for those seeking some adrenaline. The Skate Park is adjacent to the Slide N’ Glide playground at Berri Stradling Park. Rollerbladers and skateboarders are all welcome to showcase their skills on the various dips, ramps, and bowls. You might even catch a professional demonstration or a contest during your visit.

There is a $5.00 admission for skateboarders, scooters, and rollerbladers. For hours and pass information, visit the Coral Springs Skate Park site.

4. Betti Stradling Park

We briefly mentioned the Betti Stradling Park in our previous location. If skateboarding is not your activity of choice, right next to the Skate Park you will find this lovely recreational complex. With amenities like sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, athletic fields, walk trails, picnic pavilion, and play areas, there is plenty to do in this park.

The wide array of activities makes this the perfect location for a weekend gathering with friends and family. Have fun with a friendly volleyball match, or stay active by walking through the trails every day to keep your joints and muscles moving.

If you are ready to plan your next fitness and recreational week, find more information about this park.

5. Cypress Park

This is a 16-acre park with endless activities for the entire family. The Cypress Park located in 1301 Coral Springs Drive has eight tennis courts, various playgrounds, a swimming pool, soccer fields, football fields, basketball courts, grills and tables for your picnics and gatherings, restrooms, meeting rooms, and a nature area with walking trails. From sports to gatherings with the family by the grill, the Cypress Park in Coral Springs is the perfect sport for some active time.

Learn about the hours, amenities, and other offers available at the Cypress Park.

6. Florida Panthers Iceden

Most people don’t think about hockey or ice skating when they live in South Florida. However, in Coral Springs we have the Florida Panthers Iceden located between Royal Palm Boulevard and Sample Road on Sportsplex Drive. You might go to catch an ice hockey game here every once in a while, but if you are interested, you can also come back for figure skating and ice skating activities.

Plan your next visit to the Florida Panthers Iceden today.

7. ArtWalk

At ChiroCare of Florida, our chiropractors are always recommending our patients spend more time outdoors. If fitness is not your call, Coral Springs also offers many recreational locations to walk and enjoy some cultural activities. The Downtown ArtWalk on NW 31st Court is one of those locations. The pedestrian-friendly environment provides a new space for pedestrians and bicyclists to explore Downtown Coral Springs. This space has its unique flair with 1,300 linear feet of the art walk, 300 linear feet of seating wall, six beautiful art sculptures, 52 tent capacity for events, and a beautiful streetscape.

Plan a night out and enjoy a relaxing walk with your friends and family. To find out more about the ArtWalk visit their website.

8. Dr. Paul’s Pet Care Center Dog Park

As we all know, many families in Coral Springs are always looking for activities to enjoy with their furry friends. Located within the Sportsplex Regional Park in Coral Springs, this dog park is the perfect space to enjoy a day with your dogs. The park provides a truly unique recreational area for dogs and their families. With an open field, water stations, and durable agility equipment available, this dog park is the perfect place for your dogs to enjoy some off-leash time with you.

At no cost for dog owners, you can visit this park every day starting at 7:30 am. For more info visit the local dog park’s website.

We truly encourage you to explore your beautiful city and visit some of these fantastic fitness and recreation spots in Coral Springs. We also urge you to care for your health and consider the ramifications of a sedentary life as well as those from an active lifestyle.

If during your fitness and recreational adventures you feel you need to see a chiropractor to ensure your spine and body are aligned, visit your nearest chiropractor in Coral Springs. Contact the office of ChiroCare of Florida in Coral Springs to schedule your appointment today.

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