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Fitness Recreation Plantation FL

Plantation, FL has a green, natural environment situated among flourishing trees and friendly neighborhoods, making it the ideal city for young people and growing families alike. Plantation boasts a number of world-class recreation facilities and outdoor parks to exercise and play in.

Whether you are stopping by Plantation on your travels, or you are lucky enough to call this vibrant city home, we recommend that you check out a few of our favorite fitness and recreation spots in Plantation.

Plantation Aquatic Complex

Do you and your kids love to splash in the water? Or maybe you are on the hunt for a swimming class to get them out of their water floaties once and for all? The Central Park Aquatics Complex may be just the spot for you to check out.

Boasting two Olympic size pools, along with a water playground for little swimmers, this facility really does have it all. And with year-round tropical weather, it is never a bad day to stop by. The complex offers classes from water aerobics, to an arthritis aquatic program, and much more. Or, if you are just in the mood for a quick swim, both pools are open to the public year-round and always have numerous lifeguards on duty.

Plantation Botanical Garden

Looking for a green, luscious park to take the dog for a walk? Look no further than the Plantation Arboretum & Botanical Garden. The park is always open to the public, and with over 50 species of vegetation native to Florida, the gardens are truly a treasure to the city.

Featuring a playground, numerous exercise stations, and artwork by Colorado-based artist Ross Barrable, you can make an entire day out of exploring the park’s unique and colorful corners. Pack a healthy lunch along with your running shoes, and enjoy the sunshine among the palm groves and flora.

Camp Everglades at Volunteer Park

Unsure of what to do with the little ones today? Why not tucker them out with a day of climbing, swinging, and sliding through the one-acre play area provided by Volunteer Park?

Camp Everglades is both an educational experience and fun environment that your children will never forget. The Everglades-themed park includes a fishing camp with tree huts, an extensive collection of colorful playground equipment, a picnic area for snack breaks, and much more. This is the perfect spot for a day out with the little ones.

Frank Veltri Tennis Center

Are you and your partner ready to brush up on your doubles game? You have found the right spot. Featuring 26 Har-Tru courts and 2 hard courts, this state-of-the-art tennis center located within Plantation Central Park is the perfect place to play a few friendly games, or sign up for one of the variety of tennis camps and classes offered to hone your skills.

Get schedules and club info for the Frank Veltri Tennis Center.

Happy Tails Dog Park

Located at Seminole Park in Plantation, Happy Tails is the perfect spot to take your four-legged friends for a day out. With more than five acres dedicated to you and your best bud, you are certain to tire each other out exploring the variety of activity areas it offers.

From a leash free run, to an exercise area designed for agility training, and a play area specifically for small dogs (25 pounds or less), this dog park was created to get tails wagging, and offers plenty of opportunities for owners to get their exercise in, too.

The City of Plantation is rich with fitness centers, recreational facilities, and outdoor parks for the entire family to enjoy. Get the family fit, healthy, and happy by exploring one of Plantation’s many fitness and recreation resources today. To keep your family in optimal health, make an appointment at our Plantation chiropractor’s office today!

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