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Is Fort Lauderdale Traffic a Cause for Car Accidents?

Last Updated: July 6th, 2020 at 06:23 pm
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Have you been increasingly annoyed with the amount of traffic in Fort Lauderdale? Well, the survey's in, and you're not alone. Satisfaction with the flow of traffic in Fort Lauderdale has officially dropped to its lowest point.

According to the survey conducted by the ETC Institute, satisfaction in Fort Lauderdale traffic flow is well below the U.S. average. Auto and pedestrian accidents have also taken a turn for the worse, leading to the question: is Fort Lauderdale traffic a cause of car accidents?

Local Frustration with Traffic Flow

Recent data proves what locals have been alluding to in recent years - that the traffic flow in Fort Lauderdale is unsatisfactory, unproductive, and unsafe. As high-rise development in Fort Lauderdale continues, roadways are swelling with traffic, and residents are forced to creep forward one block at a time, hitting constant red lights in between.

In 2012, 39 percent of Fort Lauderdale residents surveyed said they were pretty satisfied with the overall flow of traffic. By 2016, that percentage plunged to 20 percent. In 2018, satisfaction with traffic reached a mere 15 percent. Between the routine traffic and distracted driving in Florida on the rise, Fort Lauderdale traffic flow has become not just bothersome, but also deadly.

Fort Lauderdale Crash Statistics to Watch

Fort Lauderdale is Broward County's reigning city, and as such, it often suffers the brunt of the county's traffic issues. As a whole, Broward County ranks second in the entire state of Florida for the most deadly road segments, boasting 14 stretches of road that each experience in excess of 1,000 accidents annually. The intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and U.S. 1 in Fort Lauderdale experienced more than 6,000 accidents in one year alone.

In Fort Lauderdale specifically, the local Police Department reported 5,445 motor vehicle crashes, leading to 3,217 injuries and 21 fatalities in 2017. When compared to other crash averages in Florida, the city of Fort Lauderdale alone experienced more accidents than the entire counties of Baker, Bradford, Calhoun, Dixie, Flagler, Glades, and Okeechobee combined.

What to Do if You Get Into an Accident in Fort Lauderdale

Auto accidents in Fort Lauderdale are about as common as complaints about the traffic. On any given day, up to 15 accidents can take place. While the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and local hospitals both work diligently to help crash victims, there are steps you should take if you get into an accident.

For one, never forego medical treatment. After an accident, emotions - as well as adrenaline - are running high. Likewise, many injuries, such as whiplash, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and spinal fractures can have delayed symptoms, meaning their effects will not be felt for 12 to 48 hours. Even if an injury is not noticeable to the naked eye, failing to ensure your safety can result in hefty medical bills and a lot of pain on your end. Be sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

If you're feeling uneasy going to the emergency room or urgent care, make an appointment with a car accident chiropractor instead. At ChiroCare of Fort Lauderdale, our chiropractors can not only request medical image testing to accurately diagnose any present injuries, but can also devise a safe and effective treatment plan that will alleviate pain and promote healing.

Seeing a Chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale Today

In Fort Lauderdale, there are two things you can rely on for sure:

  1. The traffic will be dreadful
  2. A chiropractor is close by to help with pain, stress, and accident injuries

Visiting a chiropractor in Fort Lauderdale is a non-invasive and drug-free option to finding relief from auto accident injuries. At ChiroCare of Fort Lauderdale, our physicians are also highly skilled in reducing the effects of stress on the body, as well as the aches and pains that can accompany sitting behind the wheel for one red light too many. If Fort Lauderdale traffic has been a pain in your neck - both literally and physically - it's time for you to visit a Fort Lauderdale car accident chiropractor. Make your appointment at ChiroCare of Fort Lauderdale today.

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