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How Does Acupuncture Work?

Written by: ChiroCare of Florida
July 5, 2017

Dr. Wu Dhi explains how acupuncture works in this video demonstration. See how acupuncture treatment is performed on an athlete to provide an energy pick-me-up by moving the chi to improve blood and oxygen flow. See how small the needles used for acupuncture are, and learn how Dr. Dhi treats children and needle-shy patients with needle-free acupuncture!

Video Transcript:

DR. WU DHI: Hi, Dr. Wu Dhi here. How are you everybody? Welcome to my clinic.

This is Hector. Hector is a martial artist, a fighter, and when you do the martial arts and when you fight, sometimes you get hurt; part of the game. We're going to do an acupuncture treatment on him to pick up his energy, we'll do a little cupping and just get the chi flowing. Sometimes (smacking sound) when you get hit, even if a car is coming at you and it stops (swerving sound) it disorganizes you whole body. So what we're going to do is reorganize the energy. He's going to feel great.

So, in Florida, we only have needles that are used one time. They're little. Here's what they look like. Let's see if we can get a needle shot. Can you see that needle? It's just a little teeny needle, and what I'm going to do with it is I'm going to pick up his kidney energy, because kidney energy is power, and when you're fighting, you want that power. So, let's see what we're going to do. Right behind the knee... and the needles are just tapped in. Perfect. We already put alcohol on them so you don't have to worry. And then... a couple needles over here.

And what we're doing is we're starting the energetic flow through his body. What we're moving is we're moving the energy, we're moving the chi. If we move the chi what follows chi is blood and oxygen. We get more blood and oxygen in there, and he's going to feel great. Now, a lot of times people come in and they say 'oh no, Dr. Woo, not needles!' So, I use a laser accupuncture where I just touch the acupuncture points with the laser (swishing sound) No pain, no discomfort! People love that, especially kids. Kids are a little afraid of needles and that's why we use the laser.

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