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The Most Common Occupational Injuries in Plantation

Last Updated: October 6th, 2023 at 03:57 pm
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Plantation, a small city located in the heart of Broward County, FL, has a natural environment that is unsurpassed by other South Florida cities. Situated among thousands of green trees and welcoming neighborhoods, Plantation is a vibrant and growing blend of world-class recreational facilities and a stable business community. As of the 2016 United States Census, the population was 92,706.

The following information provided shows the top slip and fall injuries in Plantation, based on the most common occupations. Take a look to see if you fall under any of the categories, and which injuries you should be wary of if your profession fits within these roles.

Sales and Retail Occupational Injuries

According to, 16% of the population in Plantation are employed in roles within the sales and retail industries, making the retail trade the most common industry in the city.

Roles within this industry are a great jumping-off point for young people who wish to gain experience within a sales environment and improve their communication skills. However, these occupations can also place strain on various areas of the body as a result of lifting heavy objects, moving around often, and applying pressure to the neck and back. Check out the most common workplace injuries within retail roles, according to

Repetitive hand injuries

Over time, repeating the same physical tasks on a daily basis can lead to chronic injuries. The most common injuries within the retail and sales industries tend to be related to work done with the hands. These injuries can cause pain, swelling, and impaired movement. Often, this is caused by loading and unloading goods.

Lower back injuries

Improper lifting techniques, improper posture while sitting or standing, and bending over repetitively throughout the day can all lead to lower back pain and injuries. In order to decrease the number of employees who experience an injury like this, employers should always train their staff on the proper technique when moving objects and equipment.

Machine-related injuries

Many jobs within the retail industry use industrial machinery to improve efficiency. These machines are usually extremely powerful, and have the capability to cause a great amount of injury to employees. The best way to decrease the likelihood of a machine-related accident is proper training for every member of staff before they are allowed to maneuver the machine.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Service Workplace Injuries

Professional, scientific, and technical services make up roughly 11% of the most common industries in Plantation, with “management” placing first in the most popular job roles. While these occupations cover a great range of job tasks, there are a few commonalities. Check out the most common occupational injuries within the professional, scientific, and technical service occupations, according to

Hand soreness and pain

Hand soreness and pain can occur as a result of repetitive use of the hands to move objects, typing for long periods of time, and dialing on the phone throughout the day, among other tasks. If you use your hands throughout the day, it is important to take breaks, stretch, and give your hands a rest.

Back strains

Back strains can occur for a range of reasons, from your computer’s mouse being too far out of reach, to sitting in an unsupportive chair all day, and even bending your neck at an uncomfortable angle while you type. In order to avoid back strain and pain, make sure you're seated in a comfortable chair with proper posture, and that you are not straining your arms or neck while you type.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and weakness in the hands are all signs that you may be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. It's critical that you heed the warning signals; if left untreated, the resulting nerve damage may become permanent. If you believe you may be experiencing the beginning signs of carpal tunnel, there are steps you can take to lessen the pain. Visit your doctor, and ask about hand and wrist exercises to improve your symptoms.

Construction Occupational Injuries

According to, 10% of the population in Plantation work within the construction industry, with 7% working in construction and extraction occupations.

Construction roles are good work for those who do not mind manual labor and being on their feet most of the day. However, roles in this industry are often considered the most dangerous of all the professions. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News reported in 2015 that the most common construction site injuries for workers include:

Head injuries

Head injuries range, but are most often caused as a result of falling objects, tools, and materials. Wearing a hard hat at all times is an essential method to protect your head from serious head and brain injuries.

Burns and scarring

Fires and explosions can occur on building sites, and because of this, burns and scarring are common injuries for construction workers. If you see exposed wiring, leaking pipes, or other potential risks for a fire or explosion, make sure to notify someone as quickly as possible.

Injuries to the spinal cord

Spinal injuries usually occur as a result of heavy lifting, or from falling off of a ladder or other heightened area. If you're experiencing any back pain, especially while working, it's important to have it looked at before it develops into a more serious problem.

It's important to make safety and your health a priority, no matter what your occupation. If you're injured on the job or are suffering from work-related pain, be sure to contact a licensed professional and inform your employer of the pain you are experiencing. For pain relief and improved wellness, make an appointment at our Plantation chiropractor's office today.

About the Author:
Dr. Michael Levine
Dr. Michael Levine has been helping patients live pain free for over 20 years. His family-oriented practice focuses on getting every member of your family well. He is passionate about helping his patients maintain a state of wellness. Dr. Levine also educates families on what it takes to be healthier, and provides workshops in and out of the office to keep you up to date on the latest medical news.
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