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Occupational Injuries in Pompano Beach

Last Updated: October 6th, 2023 at 03:58 pm
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Pompano Beach is a beautiful and thriving city to live and work in. Just north of Fort Lauderdale, it is known for its stunning beaches and offshore coral reefs. This pretty beach city boasts a relatively low unemployment rate (4% as of 2015), with the top professions ranging from roles in the construction and extraction fields, to management and office administrative support.

Take a look through the most popular occupations in Pompano Beach to see if you fall under any of these categories, and what injuries you should be wary of if your profession fits within these roles.

Occupational Injuries in Construction Jobs

According to, 16% of the population in Pompano Beach is employed in roles within the construction and extraction industries, making the construction industry the most common in the city.

While construction and extraction roles are great for moving around and being outside, there are many serious injuries associated with these roles. Industrial Safety & Hygiene News reported in 2015 that the most common construction site injuries for workers include:

Head Injuries

Head injuries are most often caused as a result of falling objects, tools, and materials. Wearing a hard hat at all times is an essential method to protect your head from serious head and brain injuries.

Burns and Scarring

Fires and explosions can occur on building sites, and because of this, burns and scarring are common injuries for construction workers. If you see exposed wiring, leaking pipes, or other potential risks for a fire or explosion, make sure to notify someone as quickly as possible.

Injuries to the Spinal Cord

Spinal injuries usually occur as a result of heavy lifting, or from falling off of a ladder or other heightened area. If you are experiencing any back pain, especially while working, it is important to have it looked at before it develops into a more serious problem.

Stress Injuries

Construction requires constant bending, moving, and lifting in a repetitive manner throughout the day. Over time, this can cause stress to your spine and muscles. It is important to remember that, if left untreated, spinal injuries can have a huge impact on your life. Back pain does not often go away – especially if you are continuing the tasks which caused you pain in the first place – so be sure to schedule regular appointments with a chiropractor if you are experiencing any back pain.

Occupational Injuries in Sales and Retail Jobs

Sales and retail roles make up roughly 12% of the employed population of Pompano Beach, with “retail” placing second as the most common industry to work in. While “sales and retail” covers a wide range of industries and jobs, there are a few commonalities, such as lifting objects, moving around often, standing for long periods, and interacting with others. Check out the most common occupational injuries within sales occupations, according to Safety and Health Magazine:

Musculoskeletal Disorders

This includes sprains, strains, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are currently working in a sales or retail role, your tasks most likely include managing the stock room, stocking shelves, and lifting heavy boxes filled with product. If you believe you are experiencing pain as a result of the physical demands of your sales or retail job, be sure to contact a licensed professional to have your pain examined right away.

Stress Injuries

Sales and retail often requires the employee to continuously bend down and reach up to pick up or grab product for customers. Over time, this added stress can lead to bigger problems in the spine as well as other areas. If you are experiencing pain from a task you are expected to do at work, it is important to speak to your employer about this. Often, accommodations can be made to assist you with these needs.

Occupational Injuries in Transportation and Warehousing Jobs

Transportation and warehousing occupations sit in third place as the most common occupations in Pompano Beach, with 9% of employed residents working within these industries. According to a report by Inbound Logistics, the most common workplace injuries within this field include:

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are extremely powerful trucks which are used in transportation and warehouse jobs to help move, lift, and lower objects from high shelving. Injuries occur as a result of improper handling and falling in the forklift’s way or from the elevated pallet carried by the forklift while it is in motion. If you work within the field, it is vital that every employee attend proper training both in handling a forklift as well as in forklift safety.


Working in transportation and warehousing puts a lot of stress on the body. The back and shoulders are the most common areas susceptible to injury within this industry. Pushing, pulling, lifting, and lowering can all contribute to overexertion and stress injuries.

Fall Injuries

Wet floors, uneven surfaces, and the accumulation of debris all contribute to fall injuries. Workers also often fall from ladders, loading docks, second floors, and other elevated areas. To decrease the likelihood of a slip and fall injury, always wear proper foot attire to work, and be extremely mindful when you step on to an elevated space. Avoid distractions from other workers, and pay attention to the work space around you as well as your footing when moving around on any elevated platform.

No matter what occupation your work is in, it is always important to make safety a priority while you are in the workplace. Remember – if you are experiencing pain as a result of your occupation, be sure to contact a licensed professional right away, and inform your employer of the pain / injury you are experiencing. Make an appointment with our Pompano Beach chiropractors today to explore your treatment options.



About the Author:
Dr. Sean Driscoll
Born and raised in Olean, NY, Dr. Sean Driscoll relocated to Florida 12 years ago. Dr. Driscoll majored in Athletic Training Sports Medicine at The University of Florida, and received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been treating patients with manual therapy for over 10 years and feels privileged to share the healing benefits of chiropractic with the people of South Florida.
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