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Poll: What Treatment Would You Choose?

Written by: Lamark Media
February 1, 2018

One of the benefits of caring for your health in a space dedicated to wellness is that you have immediate access to many treatments to find relief from your ailments. After your initial consultation with our chiropractors, you will agree on a treatment plan to help you get to total wellness.

As you navigate through your treatment plan, you will likely be more attracted towards specific treatments over others.

At ChiroCare of Florida, we offer many treatments including therapeutic exercise consultations, acupuncture, massage therapy, hot laser, manual therapy, and even the innovative cryotherapy. These treatments are all designed to help you find pain relief and to restore your body’s overall wellbeing.

If you were to choose between our main treatments, which one would you choose? We know some days we gravitate towards a massage therapy session. But others we genuinely need help aligning our spine, and a manual treatment session through a chiropractic adjustment is the best way to get there.

Now, it is your turn. Which of our main treatments would you choose?

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