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What Do You Wear to the Chiropractor?

January 31, 2020
Last Updated: November 9th, 2020 at 01:44 pm
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So, you've scheduled your first visit but now you're wondering what to wear to the chiropractor. For women especially, this can be a challenging question. While chiropractors can generally work with patients dressed in a variety of clothing, here a few good tips to follow.

Will I Have to Undress at the Chiropractor?

The first question many people who are new to the world of chiropractic ask is whether or not they'll have to take their clothes off. The answer is no. You can remain fully clothed and comfortable, and it will not impede the chiropractic practice.

Many women wonder if they can wear their bra to the chiropractor. You can. Wearing a bra, whether regular, strapless, or a sports bra, does not interfere with chiropractic treatment in any way.

Certain ancillary services, such as massage therapy, may require some removal of clothing, but a basic chiropractic visit will not.

Steer Clear of Dresses and Skirts

Ladies, if you're headed to the chiropractor after work, either pack a change of clothes or opt not to wear a dress or skirt that day. Most chiropractic visits include spine adjustments, where you'll likely be laying down. The doctor will need you to lay in specific positions, sometimes manipulating the placement of your legs or knees, so you'll want to be sure to stay covered.

Can I Wear Jeans to the Chiropractor?

Wearing loose fitting jeans to the chiropractor is usually not a problem, but anything too constricting will limit your range of motion. The ultimate goal of chiropractic care is to align your spine, stabilize your pelvis, and address any other pain you are feeling. Jeans that are too tight may limit a chiropractor's ability to achieve the full range of motion necessary to accomplish this goal.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear to the Chiropractor?

It's important to wear the right shoes to the chiropractor. Generally, sneakers or sturdy flats are a good choice, but stay away from heels or any shoes that are likely to come off your feet easily. Of course, if you do wear heels or other dress shoes, you can simply take them off for the visit.

Chiropractors can complete adjustments when patients are barefoot, shoes are not a requirement. It's not uncommon, and the doctor will not be grossed out. There are many people who actually prefer to have their chiropractors adjust them while they are barefoot.

What about Jewelry and Accessories?

When planning what to wear to the chiropractor, keep in mind that the doctor will need to move your body into specific positions that may include bends and twists. You may need to lay on your side, or face down on a table.

For this reason, you don't want to have any jewelry or accessories that could get caught on the equipment, in your hair, or anywhere else. Hoop earrings and necklaces should be left at home or removed prior to your visit.

The same goes for glasses. As you will likely be laying face down on the chiropractic table at some point during your visit, you'll want to store your glasses somewhere safe so that they don't get bent or damaged.

Since patients often come to see the chiropractor from work, in the middle of a busy weekend, or during errands, it's common to have jewelry on when you arrive. And those who wear glasses can't simply leave them at home. Once you're in the exam room ask your chiropractor where a safe place to store your items is.

The Perfect Clothing to Wear to the Chiropractor

If you're looking to show up at your first chiropractic appointment in the ideal outfit, so that the doctor can perform any necessary adjustments or treatments without interference, follow these guidelines.

Consider wearing stretchy clothing, such as leggings, yoga pants, or sweat pants that allow for plenty of movement. Wear a top that's not too loose, but not constricting. Again, stretchiness is your friend. Wear either sneakers, or shoes that are easy to take off and put back on. Keep your jewelry at home or be prepared to take it off. Tying your hair back is also a good idea, as long hair can get in the way when moving around on the chiropractic table.

A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't wear it to the gym, it's not ideal for a chiropractic visit. But no worries, we know that you can't arrive workout ready every time, and as long as you've gotten a good idea of what to stay away from and what is beneficial you should have no problem at your upcoming visit.

We hope we've been able to clear up what to wear to a chiropractor for you. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact the chiropractor's office ahead of time. Here at ChiroCare of Florida we're happy to meet the needs of all our patients. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

About the Author:
Dr. Kyle Graham
Dr. Kyle Graham was born in West Virginia and received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from West Virginia University. He continued his education at Palmer Chiropractic College and now practices in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dr. Graham is proficient in many chiropractic techniques, and is an active member of the FCA, FCF and the ACA.
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