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2020 Chiropractic Gift Guide

2020 Chiropractic Gift Guide ChiroCare of Florida
March 16, 2020
Last Updated: January 9th, 2024 at 09:40 pm
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When prepping for an anniversary or birthday, chiropractic gifts don't often come immediately to mind. However, if you know someone who struggles with back, neck, shoulder, or muscle and joint pain, there's no better gift than the one of pain relief. Gifts for chiropractic don't have to be boring, either. There are physical gifts, and then the gift of experience. Both can help a loved one with back pain.

ChiroCare of Florida's 2020 Chiropractic Gift Guide is here to make your shopping experience a little bit easier, providing tips and insights on the best chiropractic gifts. Give the gift of comfort and help alleviate your loved one's chiropractic symptoms so they can feel their best all year-round.

Chiropractic Gifts for Those Who Need Support at the Office

If you know someone who spends their day sitting at their desk, the chances are that you've heard them mention back, neck, and shoulder pain. This is because sitting for extended periods puts pressure on discs in the back, leading to lower back pain.

Additionally, people often sit close to their computers, in poor posture, or with their shoulders hunched. While sitting at a desk may be unavoidable, there are fantastic chiropractic gifts that can ease the pain of the experience.

1) Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chairs

Lumbar support pillows are the perfect chiropractic gift for anyone with a desk job who suffers from back pain. They're inexpensive, but the relief they provide is invaluable.

The pillows work by aiding in proper posture and providing support to the lower back. When posture is corrected, and the lower back is supported, the neck, shoulder, and hips also align better, leading to less chiropractic pain all around.

Check out this lumbar support pillow that's under $25.

2) Tailbone Support Pillow for Office Chairs

Loved ones who are seated all day often slump in their chairs, causing their tailbone to support the majority of their upper body. In an attempt to relieve the pressure they're experiencing in their lower back or pelvis, they shift positions, which can cause more lumbar stress and pain.

A tailbone support pillow or cushion can help alleviate some of this pressure so that the individual doesn't feel the need to slump down as often. By significantly reducing pain, these pillows are another way of ensuring correct posture throughout the day.

Check out this tailbone support pillow that's under $35.

3) A Standing Desk

Since prolonged periods of sitting are often what causes back pain at work, a standing desk may be the best chiropractic gift at all. It's recommended that people stand for anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes every hour throughout the day, though those who have a desk job often find this challenging to accomplish.

A standing desk provides the perfect solution. There are desks available that transition from the traditional seated option to the standing position easily and seamlessly, providing individuals the opportunity to stand at their leisure while continuing to work.

Check out this standing desk arrangement that's under $200.

Chiropractic Gifts for Those with Chronic Conditions

If your loved one has a chronic condition such as arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, or fibromyalgia, you know the pain they often experience. A gift that can help them manage this pain may just be the most appreciated of all.

1) A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Unit (TENS)

A TENS unit is the perfect gift for loved ones who suffer from joint pain, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or a spinal injury. It is a non-invasive pain relief method that delivers small electrical impulses, reducing the nervous system's transmission of pain signals to the brain.

The units are compact and battery operated. They are shown to produce endorphins in those who use them, the body's natural pain-relieving chemical.

Check out this TENS Unit that's under $40.

2) An Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Device

An EMS device works similarly to a TENS unit in the fact that it emits low electrical currents through adhesive patches on the body. EMS units, though, are targeted towards muscle pain. It induces muscle contraction, helping the body to improve blood flow and relieve pain.

Check out this EMS device that's under $50.

3) CBD for Pain Relief

CBD has been all the rage lately and has been touted as an amazing holistic solution to pain. The Arthritis Foundation has stated that it may be an excellent supplement to traditional treatment methods, and it is also believed to help with chronic inflammation.

The best part about buying CBD as a chiropractic gift is that it can be fun. CBD comes in a variety of forms, from candy treats to tinctures, oils, and lotions. It makes for a great tasty treat for those suffering from chronic chiropractic pain.

Check out this website for an assortment of CBD products of all kinds.

Chiropractic Gifts for Those Who Need Relief at Home

Some people prefer to treat their chiropractic issues from the comfort of their own home, without carrying around an electronic device or altering their workspace. There are a variety of gifts for chiropractic care that make this possible, too.

1) A Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Shiatsu massage pillows offer comfort and relief for everyday back pain right at home. They are great to use in between chiropractic visits. The pillows, which can be compact to target only the neck or shoulders, or much larger to cover the entire back area, work by kneading muscles to relieve tension.

Great for those who need to relax and unwind after a long day, the pillows come in heated or non-heated options. They are easy for the user to control the speed, intensity, and heat level so that each person can find the combination that works best for them.

Check out this Shiatsu massage pillow that's under $45.

2) An Infrared Heat Lamp

Infrared heat lamps are often used in chiropractic therapy to help improve blood flow, easing muscle pain in the back, neck, shoulders, or limbs. Similar to a heating pad or warm compress, heat lamps soothe sore muscles. They help damaged tissues heal, are portable, mess-free, and non-invasive.

Check out this portable infrared heat lamp that's under $65.

3) A Back Support Belt

Back support belts are an excellent chiropractic gift that provide support to the lower back, aiding in pain relief. Whether your loved one wants to wear it all the time, or while they're doing chores around the house, they can provide significant relief.

Check out this back support belt that's under $30.

Chiropractic Gifts That Provide an Experience

Looking for a gift that's more of an experience, but will still help with your loved one's chiropractic pain? An experiential gift can make chiropractic care a little more fun. If your loved one likes to stay active, try these gift ideas.

1) A Yoga Membership at a Local Studio

Yoga has been shown to help with back pain, as well as flexibility and mobility issues. It may not be the right gift for someone struggling with a severe chronic condition or serious injury. Still, if your loved one is struggling with everyday back pain, a yoga membership is the perfect gift.

2) A Gift Card to a Stretch Studio

Gentle stretching is often recommended for those struggling with chiropractic issues. Did you know that similar to yoga studios, some places are dedicated solely to helping people stretch safely? A gift card to a stretch studio can be an excellent gift for older loved ones or anyone looking to improve their flexibility and mobility.

Before purchasing, make sure you learn a little bit about the studio and the qualifications and experience of those who will be guiding the stretch poses. Ask your local chiropractor for any recommendations in the area. They're likely to know.

3) A Membership to a Water Aerobics Class

Water aerobics has been shown to help with back pain. It is great for those who struggle with arthritis, as pressure is taken off the joints during this practice. Great for those recovering from sports injuries or older loved ones for which strenuous exercise is not an option, a water aerobics class may be the perfect gift option.

Again, if you're looking for a recommendation, your local chiropractor will be able to point you in the right direction.

The Gift of Pain Relief

Give your loved ones the gift of chiropractic pain relief. Whether you're looking for something to make their day at work a little more comfortable, something that can help with stress and tension relief when relaxing at home, or a gift that will provide a fun activity on the weekends, there are a variety of gifts for chiropractic care out there.

If you're unsure of whether or not a specific gift will benefit your loved one, ask your local chiropractor. They may have favorite products or places in mind that they recommend to their patients for pain relief.

When making a purchase, check out online reviews to see what others have experienced with the product before committing.

If you're in need of a chiropractic consultation or care in South Florida, contact us today. With locations in more than ten cities, we are proud to serve Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County residents.

2020 Chiropractic Gift Guide
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