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7 Morning Stretch Routines to Relieve Pain in 2022 | ChiroCare

7 Morning Stretch Routines to Relieve Pain in 2022 | ChiroCare ChiroCare of Florida
December 20, 2021
Last Updated: October 6th, 2023 at 01:11 pm
Read Time: 5 Minutes

Having a great morning stretch routine is one of the best ways to not only alleviate but also to prevent many types of body pain that stem from the muscular-skeletal system. From back pain to shoulder pain, neck pain to pain in the knees and legs, stretching first thing in the morning can help it all.

That's because much of this discomfort begins with issues such as tight and stiff muscles that contract further throughout the day or those that are over-worked due to repeated motion without a proper warm-up. Additionally, poor circulation, poor posture, remaining too sedentary, and putting unnecessary pressure on your spine, bones, and muscles can take a toll on your body. A morning stretch routine can help.

Best of all, stretching can also help stimulate you mentally in the morning, meaning that you'll be able to get going a little faster and feel a little less groggy. Pair a great morning stretch routine with water consumption in the A.M. instead of that dehydrating coffee, and you'll be amazed at the difference you begin to feel. Make this new routine part of your healthy resolution in the New Year.

This New Year, start addressing pain right at home, every morning. Here are our 7 favorite morning stretch routine videos on YouTube to help you get started heading into 2022.

Additionally, if you're struggling with pain, headaches, or any type of bone or tissue injury, contact us today to schedule a full body adjustment. We'll review your medical history and develop an individualized treatment plan to meet your needs.

1) 15 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine by Mady Morrison

Mady Morrison is a yoga guru with a massive social media following–for good reason. With more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube alone, she's helping countless individuals on their journeys to a better lifestyle.

This morning stretch routine takes just 15 minutes and covers the entire body, focusing on improving flexibility, mobility, and relaxation. Paired with a playlist to help you focus and enjoy the session, this is a great routine for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike as it's full of beneficial general stretches.

2) Best Morning Low Back Stretches For a Pain-Free Day by Bob & Brad

Bob and Brad are professional physical therapists with more than 60 years of combined experience in the field of healing and rehabilitation. With more than 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, they're enabling everyone to start alleviating pain right at home.

This morning stretch routine, in particular, targets the lower back, which is a crucial point of pain for so many of our patients. Stress and injury on the job, poor posture, and those who spend extended periods sitting at a desk all experience pain in the lumbar area. Adding this routine to your morning can help, and it takes just 10 minutes. For stubborn or chronic pain, chiropractors offer natural back pain treatment.

3) STOP Morning Aches and Pains! by Tone and Tighten

Created for stomach, side, and back sleepers alike, Tone and Tighten shares this morning stretch routine with their 1.1 million YouTube subscribers. The routine aims to help alleviate joint stiffness, aches, and pains associated with sleeping in a poor position or even on the incorrect mattress for your specific needs.

This routine addresses pain that often presents in the neck, back, hips, and legs and was created by a physical therapist.

4) The 5-Minute Morning Mobility Routine by Tom Merrick

If you're strapped for time but still strained with pain, this five-minute morning routine by Tom Merrick is for you. Merrick has amassed more than 700k followers on YouTube and is a U.K.-based, self-proclaimed "bodyweight warrior" and fitness enthusiast.

This routine, in particular, focuses on mobility and flexibility and is formatted as a "follow along" video. Merrick suggests that to get the best results, viewers "spend more time in positions that you are tight in and less in those that don't need it."

5) 7 Daily Stretches Everyone with Arthritis Should Do by Bob and Brad

Arthritis pain plagues many of our patients, and we offer many chiropractic therapies to help address the issue. Another video by physical rehabilitation specialists Bob and Brad, this morning stretch routine is designed just for those patients. What's even better is that they've designed this routine to complete in bed. That's right, you can get started right in bed.

The routine is approximately seven minutes long and focuses on slow, targeted movements of common problem areas. Complete with instructions on how to place items such as pillows as you follow along, we highly recommend this video.

6) The Best Stretches to Do Every Morning by Adelaide Physio

If you struggle with pain in your spine and/or hips throughout the day, this morning routine is for you. It takes just four minutes, so even the busiest of the busy can find time to fit it into their schedules. Focus on just one minute per stretch to get your blood flowing, and you will feel your body become a little more open.

Developed by a Physiotherapist who specializes in stretching specifically, this routine is an excellent place to start.

7) 5-Minute Knee Pain Relief Stretches by Dr. Jo

Dr. Jo is a renowned Physical Therapist with more than 1.4 million YouTube subscribers. While she has many videos that focus on specific areas such as the neck, mid-back, hips, shoulders, and more, this particular video aims to help those with knee pain.

Here at ChiroCare of Florida, we see quite a few patients come in suffering from chronic knee pain. This type of pain often results from an injury, such as those from sports, overextension of the joint, or a misalignment somewhere in the spine that is causing uneven wear and tear on one particular leg. Incorporate this five-minute stretching routine into your morning to help minimize knee pain today.

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7 Morning Stretch Routines to Relieve Pain in 2022 | ChiroCare
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