Most Dangerous Intersections in Miami Dade County

Car Accidents & Injuries / March 25, 2017
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Miami-Dade County is not just the most populous county in Florida, it’s also the site of the most car accidents. In 2015, the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reported that 63,451 car accidents were reported in Miami-Dade, which is a 45.46% increase when compared to crashes reported the previous year.

While more than 2 million people live in Miami-Dade, millions more also visit the area for some fun in the sun. Millions of drivers are consistently on the road in Miami-Dade, and the area is well-known for its rush hour traffic delays. Even along smaller roads, though, traffic can stack up and cause delays as well as increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision.

Miami-Dade County Motor Vehicle Accidents

Based on the 2015 statistics from the FLHSMV, the city of Miami was the scene of 18,000 crashes, followed by Hialeah, where more than 6,000 accidents were reported. Unincorporated areas in the county made up another 19,000 of the total number of crashes.

Below are some of the most dangerous intersections in Miami-Dade.

In 2014, Time Magazine named Hialeah Gardens Blvd. and North Okeechobee Rd. one of the 12 most dangerous intersections in the entire country. That same year, a Miami Commissioner banned minors from soliciting donations for school activities and clubs at 10 specific intersections. The commissioner considered these intersections much too dangerous for minors.

Some of the more deadly areas in Miami are actually on the interstate and expressways, where dozens of fatal and non-fatal accidents occur each year.

In 2016, Miami-Dade County joined the United States Department of Transportation’s challenge for creating safer streets. The goal of the challenge was to encourage safer streets that accommodate all modes of transportation.

One actionable item is to educate drivers to consider all users of the road and recognize the dangerous areas. By knowing which areas are more dangerous, you can be prepared while driving around these high-risk areas or develop a route to avoid them.

What to Do If You’re in Pain from an Automobile Accident in Miami-Dade

If you have been hurt in an accident in Miami-Dade County, contact ChiroCare of Florida. State law only gives you 14 days to document your injuries – otherwise, you may miss out on up to $10,000 in insurance benefits.

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