Video: How a Chiropractor Does an Adjustment for Mid to Low Back Pain
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How a Chiropractor Does a Back Adjustment for Mid to Low Back Pain

Dr. Michael Levine
May 17, 2017

Back adjustments are a basic chiropractic technique used to decompress the spine and alleviate pain in the back, neck and throughout the body. The technique involves manipulation of vertebrae that are not functioning normally. This can increase range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, improve alignment, and relieve many symptoms throughout the body. Chiropractic adjustments are a healthy part of a well being routine, and a drug-free alternative to pain medication. See how Dr. Schwartz performs a spinal adjustment in this video.

Video Transcript:

DR. STEVEN SCHWARTZ: Hi I'm Dr. Schwartz here at ChiroCare of Florida.

I have a patient on the table that we've already done an evaluation on. She's having a little bit of mid-back pain and some low back pain so we're going to do two adjustments today, one in the mid-back and one in the low back.

We have the table moving to help assess the motion of the spine currently. This adjustment is just called a prone diversified adjustment. A little bit of pressure and it moves. We're going to turn her on her side.

(To patient): Face me this way please.

We're going to adjust the left SI-joint right here. Pull the patient this way.

That's it.

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