statistics on football injuries in NFL and NCAA

When it comes to sports injuries, one of the most commonly discussed problems in football is concussions. Last year, a $1 billion settlement was finalized after 4,500 ex-players filed a lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL) claiming the NFL hid known concussion risks.

Although concussions are a very real danger in football, there are many other football injuries that can end a career and change a player’s future.

NCAA Football Injuries

The most recent data from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is for the 2004-2009 seasons.

NFL Injuries

The data on football injuries in the NFL is not as easily found as NCAA. Although there is clear data on concussions, the information on other injuries varies.

Super Bowl Injuries

The Super Bowl is typically the most viewed event of the year. With millions of eyes on the big game, the injuries are sometimes talked about just as much as the game-winning touchdown.

For many players, their injuries start in college and continue through their pro careers. Although some can bounce back quickly, many others will undergo surgery to try to extend their careers. Unfortunately, many players will experience pain long after their careers are over.

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