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Preventing Injuries in Florida

Last Updated: March 10th, 2022 at 04:18 pm
Read Time: 3 Minutes

Florida is home to quite a few dangers that can lead to an injury. From hot weather that can quickly cause dehydration, to reptiles that are as close as anyone will ever get to seeing a living dinosaur.

The Florida Health Department collects data on the leading causes of fatal injuries by age group. Below are the leading causes of death among Floridians over the age of 15.

  • Motor vehicle traffic
  • Firearms
  • Poisoning
  • Suffocation
  • Cuts/Lacerations
  • Falls

Among all age groups, poisoning and motor vehicle accidents were the top causes of death.

Although accidents happen, protecting yourself against specific dangers can help you prevent injuries. For example, one way to prevent a fatal poisoning is to always read the labels of medications and household chemicals. Also, keep the poison control number readily available should you need to call someone immediately.

Preventing a Motor Vehicle Accident

It’s common to think that you’re a safe driver. However, most of the time, it's other drivers that you should be worried about. Some ways you can protect yourself behind the wheel include:

  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Adhere to defensive driving tips
  • Avoid distractions behind the wheel
  • Look both ways when crossing the street and always use the crosswalk
  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Follow all posted speed limits

Drivers can also prevent injuries by choosing a safer vehicle. Advances in vehicle safety can help drivers stay protected if they’re involved in an accident, and prevent collisions from occurring.

Drowning Prevention

Florida law requires that any pools built after 2001 have barriers, which are essential in preventing an accidental drowning. If you live in Florida, here are some water safety tips to consider:

  • Learn CPR
  • Don’t drink when boating, swimming or supervising children who are swimming
  • Life vests should always be available when aboard a boat or water vessel
  • Use caution at the beach

One of the best ways to prevent a drowning is to learn to swim. Still, in sudden, life-threatening situations, even the strongest swimmer can drown or suffer near-drowning injuries.

Preventing a Fall

Falls are most prevalent among adults over the age of 65. Still, falls were in the top 10 of all leading causes of fatalities for all age groups over the age of 15. Here are some ways to prevent a fall:

  • Wear non-slip shoes
  • Be sure rugs are skid-proof
  • Stairways should always be well lit and have rails on both sides
  • Use a nonskid bath mat in your shower or tub
  • Keep rooms clutter-free

Adults on medications should find out how these prescriptions may impact their balance and increase their risk of falling.

At one point or another, everyone will suffer a minor or even serious injury; these injuries could be caused by accidents, slip and falls, and any number of other dangers. Although you cannot always prevent an injury, you can prepare for responding to it.

When you’ve been hurt in an accident, contact an experienced chiropractor who can complete an examination and customize a treatment plan so you can recover comfortably and quickly.

About the Author:
Dr. Steven Schwartz
Raised in Coral Springs, Florida, Dr. Steven Schwartz is a major advocate for the South Florida community. CEO of ChiroCare of Florida, Dr. Schwartz has grown the group from one facility to 11. Whether he’s treating patients or volunteering for community service, Dr. Schwartz’s long-term goal is to ensure that each and every patient can experience the ChiroCare of Florida difference.
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