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Top 5 Wellness Treatments in Coral Springs According to Patients

Last Updated: February 1st, 2024 at 06:29 pm
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It goes without saying that chiropractic adjustments are the foundation of chiropractic care. However, our wellness centers offer much more than just adjustments. At ChiroCare of Coral Springs, our physicians utilize a variety of non-invasive, gentle therapies to formulate cohesive treatment plans that address each and every one of our patients' needs.

Our offices stay up-to-date with the industry's most cutting-edge equipment so that we can provide our patients with the best standard of care. Check out the top 5 wellness treatments we offer in Coral Springs, according to our patients.

1. Electric Stimulation (E-Stim)

At first glance, most patients are a bit wary of electric stimulation. After all, weren't we taught to not shock ourselves? Well, electric stimulation is the exception to that rule, and the patients at our Coral Springs wellness center love it.

Often referred to as E-stim, electric stimulation uses strategically placed electrodes to deliver brief, completely painless electric impulses into sore or tight muscles.

The purpose of E-stim is to mimic what happens when a muscle naturally contracts and releases. This process strengthens and repairs soft tissue, particularly muscles which have become weakened, shortened, or injured. It also helps improve blood flow and produce endorphins in the body, which naturally relieve pain. Not so scary, right?

2. Ultrasound Therapy

No, our patients aren't referring to ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound therapy uses the same sound wave technology as ultrasound imaging, but it has a completely different purpose inside of the body. The two main effects of ultrasound therapy include:

  1. Cavitation: Ultrasound waves create microscopic bubbles in the tissue. When these bubbles burst, they help break down unhealthy tissue while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.
  2. Deep-Heating: Ultrasound waves provide a warming sensation that penetrates deep below the skin's surface to target pain.

How do both of these effects actually benefit our patients? Cavitation helps speed up the body's natural healing process. Deep-heating helps reduce inflammation and ease pain and discomfort. It's a win-win situation.

3. Massage Therapy 

We can't be too surprised that one of our patients' favorite wellness treatments is massage therapy. Not only is therapeutic massage a stress-reducing and soothing treatment, but it also helps to improve range of motion, ease muscle pain and tension, and improve recovery time. Plus, massage therapy is effective in relieving chronic headaches and improving sleep quality.

Basically, massage therapy is the type of treatment that feels absolutely amazing in the moment and also provides benefits you can reap long after you leave our Coral Springs wellness center.

4. Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (KT Tape)

Kinesiology therapeutic tape, or KT tape for short, has a long-standing reputation of being the go-to treatment for Olympians and pro athletes alike. However, even if you don't know your touch downs from your home runs or your gold medal from your bronze, KT tape can still be the treatment for you. Patients at our Coral Springs wellness center love KT tape because the thin strips of breathable fabric help reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process after a soft tissue injury.

KT tape not only alleviates pain without drugs or surgery, but it also acts as a support system for muscles and joints without restricting range of motion. KT tape is beneficial for anyone who is recovering from a sprain or strain, or has already recovered but is now suffering from a build-up of scar tissue. KT tape can also be used in less extreme cases, such as when muscles are sore from a workout or even sleeping incorrectly.

5. CBD Pain Relief Products 

ChiroCare of Coral Springs offers a variety of CBD pain relief products. CBD topicals are oils, creams, and lotions which contain cannabinoids, the active compound in CBD. Legal CBD topicals, like those found in your physician’s office, are derived from industrial hemp and contain no THC, the hallucinogenic compound found in marijuana. As such, CBD topicals are a safe and effective way to manage and treat pain and inflammation symptoms.

Coral Springs patients prefer CBD products because they are non-addictive, all-natural, and can be used at home to treat a variety of ailments. Our patients typically utilize their CBD products to treat localized pain, arthritis and joint discomfort, general inflammation, and therapy recovery.

What will be your preferred treatment? The only way to find out is by scheduling your appointment at our Coral Springs wellness center. Contact us today to get started.


Top 5 Wellness Treatments in Coral Springs According to Patients
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