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Medical office jobs and doctor’s office jobs are rising in popularity due to the often pleasant environment, convenient schedules, excellent worker benefits, and more. Chiropractic careers, including chiropractic doctors and support staff such as receptionists, medical billing and coding, and medical assistants are all wonderful opportunities to enter the field and gain a position that’s so much more than just a job and a paycheck–it’s a lasting career that can set you up for many years of success and happiness.

Here at ChiroCare of Florida, we pride ourselves on having a team of exemplary staff and doctors to help treat our patients to the very best of our ability. To have a team that’s as high-quality as ours, we believe that means also treating employees with the utmost respect and ensuring a positive work culture and healthy environment at all times. This is what enables employees to develop successful careers, going on to flourish and thrive in all that they do.

Keep reading to learn more about working in the chiropractic industry, medical office jobs in general, and the openings we often have at ChiroCare of Florida offices.

The Chiropractic Care Industry

Big things are happening in the chiropractic industry, and there’s never been a better time than right now to start a chiropractic career. With the expansion of health insurance benefits by most major plans to cover chiropractic treatment, more individuals are seeking care than ever before. This includes both Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans, meaning that virtually no one is left without access to treatment.

What this means for the industry at large is that more individuals are needed to work at chiropractors’ offices. This includes not just the doctors who seek chiropractic careers but also includes many of the support staff that work in medical office jobs.

Additionally, offices such as ChiroCare of Florida are offering many more ancillary services than in years past. What this means is that offices are performing more than simply traditional spinal adjustments. Now, you can often find a list of services and additional treatment options that include things like acupuncture, massage therapy, sports chiropractic, and even medical marijuana registration. With the expansion of services comes the need for more employees.

Why Work in the Chiropractic Industry

Many people wonder about the specific benefits of starting a chiropractic career, as well as working at a doctor’s office job in general. It may surprise you to learn that there are many.

1) Job Security

One of the number one reasons to consider a job at a chiropractor’s office is that there is relatively stable job security as the demand for treatment increases. There are a plethora of chiropractic doctor’s office jobs available, and ChiroCare of Florida alone has ten offices throughout the state.

2) The Ability to Change Lives

Another substantial benefit is that as an employee at a chiropractor’s office, and at ChiroCare of Florida specifically, is that you’re helping to improve the lives of countless individuals. People come through our doors every day seeking relief from pain, healing, and a better quality of life.

Many individuals who seek care at ChiroCare of Florida suffer from long-term chronic conditions which can wreak havoc on their daily lives. From cancer pain to osteoarthritis, car accident injuries to migraines, sciatica to spinal stenosis, and everything in-between, many of these people experience serious pain on a regular basis. The opportunity to be part of a team that helps alleviate this discomfort is invaluable and can make you feel great about your work.

Here at ChiroCare of Florida, we help our patients to achieve their individual goals with custom treatment plans, and there is no better feeling in the world than seeing a patient’s success over time and the smile on their face at each appointment as they continuously improve.

3) Fast-Path to a Career

Many chiropractic careers require short-term educational or vocational training. For example, medical billing or medical assistant courses take less than two years to complete yet provide knowledge and skills that last a lifetime. You may not even need any professional training at all for certain positions, and on-the-job training and experience are often provided.

To become a chiropractor you do need to obtain a doctorate in chiropractic care as well as your state licensure, which is what makes a chiropractic career as a doctor so lucrative. However, there is a significant time investment necessary for this path.

4) Meet New People Daily

If you’re a people person, a chiropractic career and medical office job are definitely right up your alley. Here at ChiroCare of Florida, you’ll meet new people every day. Whether it’s new patients or their loved ones who accompany them to appointments, vendors who come in and out of the office, or simply friendly phone calls with questions about our services, if you love talking to people, this is the job for you.

At ChiroCare of Florida, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional experience to each person we come into contact with, every time. We’re always looking for individuals who call themselves a “people person” to join our amazing team.

ChiroCare of Florida Positions Often Available

With ten offices throughout South Florida and an ever-growing team, there are often chiropractor office jobs available at several of our locations. These listings change regularly based on each office’s specific needs and the population they serve, so be sure to check back regularly.

Jobs that are commonly available at ChiroCare of Florida include:

Our positions are on-site at the location for which you apply and come with competitive pay and benefits. Most positions are full-time. Benefits include paid time off, 401k retirement savings plans, possible bonus pay, health insurance, and more. To inquire about current job openings at any of our locations, contact us today.

Learn More About ChiroCare of Florida

Whether you’re interested in starting a chiropractic career as part of our team or are a patient looking to make an appointment, call us today at (877) 388-2165. Our regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 9 am until 6 pm, though individual offices may have extended hours available.

If you’re struggling with back or neck pain, a new or old injury that’s causing discomfort, or a chronic health condition that is affecting your quality of life, contact ChiroCare of Florida today. We will review your medical history and complete a physical consultation to provide you with a customized treatment plan that will address your specific pain and concerns.

For more information on job postings, check out local job boards and forums or call now.

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