Hey Aventura, Are You Suffering from Occupational Injuries?

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Occupational Injuries Aventura

Aventura, a suburban city located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, employs over 16,000 people, and houses a population of almost 38,000. That means 42% of Aventura residents are punching time clocks on the daily. So, what kind of wear and tear does this cause on the body?

With over 261,930 private industry and state and local government workers taking time off due to injuries from falls in 2014, and 312,200 calling out due to overexertion in the workplace, the dense population of workers in Aventura leads to a plethora of occupational injury cases in the area.

Common Occupational Injuries

Occupational injuries are considered personal injuries which arise from accidents in the workplace or exposure to an environment that causes or significantly aggravates a preexisting condition. These injuries result in missed days of work, restricted work activity, and need for medical attention. Common causes of occupational injuries are:

If you’ve been hurt at work, it is crucial that you visit a healthcare professional to ensure you’re healthy enough to work. A trip to the chiropractor could assure you’re performing as efficiently as possible.

Chiropractic Therapy for Occupational Injuries

A chiropractor utilizes alternative medicinal practices to heal the body in a natural, noninvasive manner. Chiropractic care begins with a focus on spinal health, with the belief that a misaligned spine will negatively affect the nervous system. When the nervous system is compromised or damaged, the pain can be unbearable.

In the case of occupational injuries, a common culprit of nerve pain is a herniated disc. A herniated disc, also referred to as a “slipped disc,” occurs when the disc situated between the vertebrae of the spine ruptures, allowing the material that comprises the center of the disc to push through the resulting crack. This material irritates the surrounding nerve, hence “pinching” it. This pain can potentially travel to other parts of the body, such as down the leg or arm.

Pinched nerves are often seen in occupational injuries caused by overexertion, such as excessive repetitive motion or lifting in the workplace. Slipped discs cause misalignments, which can lead to pain or stiffness in the hands, wrists and feet. A chiropractor can address the problem at its source: once the spine is realigned, the nervous system can function correctly and without pain.

Seeking Help from a Qualified Chiropractor

Chiropractors are experts at spinal manipulation and are trained to handle the pesky pain you can’t seem to get away from. With a regimen of adjustments to restore proper alignment and function of discs, your chiropractor can also recommend changes in posture and exercises to perform to alleviate stress on the spine.

Additionally, consider visiting a chiropractor for preventive care. Your career is most likely placing stress on your body daily, and preventive intervention can help support long-term wellness. Regular adjustments can provide a healthier sleep cycle as well as a boost to your immune system, which can keep you more alert on the job.

If you’ve fallen victim to an occupational injury, allow your local chiropractor to help get you back in working shape again. Our Aventura chiropractic office is your destination for spinal health.

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