Meet Chiropractic Physician Dr. Steven Schwartz

Chiropractic Videos Our Chiropractors / May 22, 2017
Meet Chiropractor Dr. Steven Schwartz

Meet Dr. Steven Schwartz of ChiroCare of Florida in this video. Dr. Schwartz is a native Floridian who became a chiropractor because of the relief that chiropractic therapy brought to him as a teenager. Get to know Dr. Schwartz and the patients he likes to work with, and explore his bio here.

Video Transcript:

DR. STEVEN SCHWARTZ: Hi, my name is Dr. Schwartz. I’m one of the chiropractic physicians here at ChiroCare of Florida. I’m a Florida native, grew up in South Florida. Relocated after college, I’ve been practicing here in Aventura for 5 years.

I enjoy treating athletes, families, especially kids. My one goal is to help any patient with any type of injuries or any type of care that they would need.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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