Sports Chiropractic For An Active Lifestyle

Staying active is crucial to staying healthy. When it comes to overall wellness, health is more than simply staying pain free. Visiting sports chiropractors can not only improve performance and recovery, but will also increase mobility and stamina naturally and drug-free.

You put a lot into your body to expect it to perform its best, including a balanced diet and routine exercise. Think of chiropractic as the supplement you never knew you needed.

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Keep Your Body in Check

Your spinal column is composed of 24 verterbrae, segmented by discs and connected to a web of nerves and facet joints. The main purpose of the spinal column is to the protect the spinal cord, which runs straight from your brain down your back. However, its second most important purpose is to enable your body to move, bend, and twist during activity.

Through daily wear and tear, your spinal column can take a severe beating. Vertebrae can become misaligned, discs can rupture, and nerves can become compressed due to spinal narrowing. These issues can negatively impact nerve communication from your brain to the rest of your body, causing pain, discomfort, and a shift in your regular workout routine.

Even when the spine is aligned, regular exercise can place a tremendous amount of pressure on tissue, such as muscle, tendons, and ligaments, as well as the joints. While exercising regularly is key to keeping the body in shape, maintaining the health of these crucial structures makes a profound difference in the success of your fitness regimen.

Beat Your Personal Best

Whether you’re following the latest fitness trends or are dedicated to your current exercise regimen, from the gym, to the trail, to the spinner bike, you always want to be the best version of yourself. Any fitness buff would agree, setting goals for yourself is the best way to measure the success of your routine.

Now, it’s time to set wellness goals. With routine chiropractic care, those routinely participating in athletic activities can expect:

  • All-natural relief from joint pain
  • Reduced recovery time after workouts
  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced muscle soreness after workouts
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Improved immune functionality
Chiropractor care is the first step in beating your personal best.

Stop Letting Pain Get in the Way

Chiropractic care is useful for much more than simply pain relief, however, if you’ve been suffering from aches and pains before, during, or after your exercise routine, it is wise for you to have your conditions examined by a professional.

Chiropractic care uses a holistic, all-natural approach to pain relief. This means that you won’t have to pump your body with synthetic pain relievers or medications. Instead, you can keep your head in the game and keep pain at bay. Chiropractic care is helpful in alleviating a variety of ailments, including:

From relief to recovery, your chiropractor should be your first call when pain or injuries begin to limit your fitness routine.

Sports Chiropractors for Athletic Trends

Now more than ever there is a plethora of athletic trends to keep your body active. While these fitness routines might be great, let’s take a look at what these specific routines could potentially be doing to your body.

Spin Class Enthusiasts

Spinning is a low-impact, cardio-intense workout. Spinning helps many shed extra pounds and tone the thighs. However, improper form on your bike can lead to pain in the knees, hips, lower back, and shoulders. Additionally, many who spin accidentally over-exert themselves, which is a dangerous habit. Tears in the quadriceps and knees are common in these cases.

The Remedy: If spin class is causing wear and tear on your body, your chiropractor has a few different techniques that can get you back on the bike in no time. Your chiropractor may recommend massage therapy, which can promote muscle relaxation and pain relief, as well improve joint mobility and relieve stress felt after over-exerting oneself during class.

CrossFit Champs

CrossFit is a high-impact, high-intensity interval workout that can most definitely take its toll on your body if you’re not careful. From tennis elbow to shoulder spasms, stiff necks, and knee pains, the demanding CrossFit regimen can place a lot of wear and tear on tissue and joints alike.

The Remedy: CrossFit can really wreak havoc on the body, which is why your chiropractor is prepped with a variety of treatments to help relieve achy muscles and strengthen tissue. Your chiropractor will most likely begin with a spinal adjustment, as the constant vigor of CrossFit can cause misalignment within the spine. Instrument-assisted techniques, such as Electric Stimulation or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) may also be used to relieve tension and promote healing in the muscles.

Orange Theory Fitness Buffs

Orange Theory Fitness is high-intensity heart-rate-based interval training that typically lasts an hour. Oftentimes this hour doesn’t include a proper stretching routine prior to jumping in, meaning tight hamstrings, tight pectoral muscles, and a drastically heightened probability of injury. Without proper stretching or mobility exercises, tissue and joint injury is likely.

The Remedy: Your chiropractor may use a treatment such as Electric Stimulation (E-stim), to soothe muscles, reduce inflammation, alleviate any pain, and relax tense tissue. Additionally, your chiropractor can teach proper stretching techniques as well as assist you in stretching your muscles. Stretching has many benefits.When combined with any type of physical activity, proper stretching can reduce the risk of injury as well as post-workout soreness.

Zumba Stars

Zumba is a popular Latin dance-inspired fitness program that is sure to get your heart racing and blood pumping. Zumba requires the spine to constantly be twisting and bending. Likewise, the knees are often in motion, from side to side to dips and twists.

When these motions aren’t completed properly, you’re at risk for hip, knee, and ankle injuries. Zumba can also result in pain in the lower back and shoulders.

The Remedy: Due to the constant twisting and bending of the spine, your chiropractor may recommend you begin with a spinal adjustment for the mid to low back. This can increase range of motion during workouts, and also alleviate any pain or pressure on nerves. Likewise, your chiropractor can utilize IASTM; an instrument-assisted technique used to relieve tension or pain in the muscles. IASTM increases blood flow to the targeted area, meaning sore knees or hips can benefit from the increase in circulation.

Yoga Lovers

Many turn to yoga because it’s a low-intensity, soothing form of exercise. While yoga can be a healing form of activity, many commonly taught yoga poses could pose a risk to those with pre-existing conditions. Back pain and strained necks, as well as various pulls, tears, and sprains, are very common among those who may not have proper flexibility or are using improper form.

The Remedy: When treating strains and sprains your chiropractor often utilizes soothing, warming techniques such as ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound therapy decreases inflammation, alleviates pain, and promotes healing in the tissue. This technique is often combined with massage therapy, which relaxes muscles and energizes the body.

Train Like the Pros

Think you’re alone in your post-workout pains? Try again. Some of the best athletes of all-time have suffered back, neck, and joint pain and have all trusted the state of their bodies to chiropractors. Not sold quite yet? These athletes all swear by chiropractic:

  • Michael Jordan, one of the most beloved basketball players in NBA history
  • Tom Brady, five-time Super Bowl Champion
  • Joe Montana, 16-season NFL quarterback
  • Dan O’Brien, gold medal Olympian and world record decathlete
  • Evander Holyfield, the first and only boxer to reign as the undisputed champion
  • Cathy Turner, gold medal Olympic speed skater
  • Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner
  • Muhammad Ali, renowned professional boxer
  • Barry Bonds, 22-season MLB left fielder with eight 40+ home run seasons
  • Wayne Gretzky, the top scoring NHL player of all time
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, former professional body builder turned politician

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in particular, has been very vocal in his admiration of chiropractic, being involved with fitness for most of his lifetime. The exercise buff has previously stated,

“Chiropractic is about natural, preventative health care. We’ve got to let the people know that there is a necessity — it’s not even an option; it’s a necessity — to have a chiropractor. As much as it is a necessity to have a dentist. If you have a dentist for the family, you should have your chiropractor for the family.”

In fact, Mr. Terminator himself even has a chiropractor come to his home on a regular basis to meet with himself, his wife, and his children, to ensure they’re all operating to the best of their ability.

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